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SULEIMAN is an architect, researcher and engineer. He is an adjunct senior lecturer at UNSW where he is researching in the integration of new technologies in architecture design to advance building performance and the new role of architects in the data era. At BVN architecture, Suleiman is currently working on developing the research agenda in robotics, sensing and smart buildings. He is an expert in the area of Computational Design and Building Information Modelling. Suleiman is a registered architect in Australia and Jordan.

Previously, Suleiman established and led the computational design team at HASSELL. He also worked with architecture practices in Europe and the Middle East such as Coop Himmelblau and Laceco international. He taught and researched extensively at leading Australian institutes such as the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory, University of Melbourne and RMIT University. In 2008, he founded Mutation Studio, a studio dedicated to urban design experiments and computation. In 2013 he co-founded O(n) Studio, a research-based studio which explores the use of new technology in architecture design, design workflows and computational design strategies.

His work has been awarded, exhibited and published in Australia, Italy, Portugal, France, Jordan, China, Hong Kong, Korea and the UK. His current research interests include architecture design strategies, robotics in design, digital architecture, BIM technologies, and deployable complex kit-of-parts, interactive built environment, and fabrication technologies.

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